An agency

without limits

by Jitka Svobodová

"Part of our logo is the infinity sign which embodies the spirit of our agency. Infinity. It represents something unique with endless possibilities – and that is us. Our deeply experienced professional team is full of energy, very creative and ripe with untraditional ideas. Are you about to host a party, anniversary or a conference? We would love to hear from you!"

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& production

and hostesses

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Why choose us?

Personal approach

We are playful but we work hard. We listen carefully to your needs, think and create. We fulfill your ideas and dreams.


Hard work, joy, determination, integrity, empathy, energy, dreams, interactions, openness, infinity, ambition, love, image, creativity and action


Our magic is simple. We listen closely to you and shape your ideas into a particular experience. This is what we are good at and this is where we are unique and strong.


Without limits. We can make any dream you have come true. Let us be part of your dreams - let us create more than just an event.

Are you ready?